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Barn Fairy by Yuni Barn Fairy :iconyuni:Yuni 87 31 The Juggler by Yuni The Juggler :iconyuni:Yuni 211 51


failed attack by bernie53
Mature content
failed attack :iconbernie53:bernie53 22 7
Jess' Night Show by Filter-GX Jess' Night Show :iconfilter-gx:Filter-GX 18 5 Cave Elf vs Woofs by RoninDude Cave Elf vs Woofs :iconronindude:RoninDude 593 193 Good Morning by Aniwayalone
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Hope - The Unaware Beauty by Aldric-Cheylan Hope - The Unaware Beauty :iconaldric-cheylan:Aldric-Cheylan 53 11 A monk in training by Gurlow A monk in training :icongurlow:Gurlow 5 13
Invictus Files 001 Serene
Invictus Files 001 “Serene” September 23rd 2000
In order to address the unique medical needs of my fellow teammates I’ve taken the liberty of making sure that THOUGHOUGH physical and psychological exams are conducted before and after each mission.  Given the nature of what we do and almost everyone having a unique physiology I have compiled a detailed dossier of everyone’s medical files.  It’ll give me a base line to work with just in case there are medical complications which given our line of work is inevitable, or if one of us gets mentally dominated, possessed, or otherwise compromised we won’t all get killed in our sleep.  We’re gonna start with Niran Klahan aka Serene, he was….eager for the physical to say the least.  One of the perks of my cybernetic implants is that I get to erase my own memories at will.  Let’s just say the awkward procedure got a lot more awkward with all the flirting he did durin
:icongurlow:Gurlow 2 7
Egyptian goddess by NFuture
Mature content
Egyptian goddess :iconnfuture:NFuture 31 1
Menat Wardrobe Malfunction by CatCouch
Mature content
Menat Wardrobe Malfunction :iconcatcouch:CatCouch 667 74
Chibi lucky by Anonymous--Friend Chibi lucky :iconanonymous--friend:Anonymous--Friend 8 6 Shoe girl color by Anonymous--Friend
Mature content
Shoe girl color :iconanonymous--friend:Anonymous--Friend 61 30
WIP dump by Deskleaves
Mature content
WIP dump :icondeskleaves:Deskleaves 5 14
Double Trouble 6 part 3
Double Trouble 6
The Sixth Excursion
Part Three
By Curious4ever
Based on an illustration and suggestions by Yuni
I continued to look around and there was no denying the fact that I was now in the world of elves. This type of thing had happened once before to me and Billy and some of my friends a few months ago but that was in a superhero comic book.
As I looked around I suddenly realized that I didn't see Toby or Mark anywhere in the room. So either they weren't brought to this world like Billy and me or else they were somewhere else and hopefully I would run into them later.
Billy's elf's body was definitely different from his normal one in many ways. His waist seemed a bit thinner which made his hips appear a little wider. It wasn't until I looked again at his long pointed ears that I suddenly realized that I must have the same exact body that he had.
I ran my fingers through my hair and it went a little past my shoulders, the same as Billy's. Then I felt my ears and they were just a
:iconcurious4ever:Curious4ever 5 5
Lipstick by CausticCrayon
Mature content
Lipstick :iconcausticcrayon:CausticCrayon 381 24
VAL by CBedford
Mature content
VAL :iconcbedford:CBedford 334 10
chairy lady by tombkat chairy lady :icontombkat:tombkat 11 0


zzzzz... by Yuni

Metallica, play something else. I listen to your music quite a bit, and I'm impressed with the way you can move your fingers on the strings to extract sound, but you extract always the same sound ad nauseam. Your fetishistic fixation is holding you back as an artist. It's honestly cringey that you can't seem to find anything else to play like a ballad maybe?

Sasha Grey, [censored] something else. I watch your porn quite a bit, and I'm pressed with the way you can [censored] on [censored] to extract [censored], but you extract always the same [censored] ad nauseam. Your fetishistic fixation is holding you back as a [censored]. It's honestly cringey that you can't seem to find anything else to [censored] like write a book maybe?

Einstein, invent something else. Honestly. I studied your inventions all my school years and I'm impressed how you can use the organic matter inside your skull to generate various ideas, but you invent the same thing ad nauseam. Your fetishistic fixation is holding you back as a scientist. It's honestly cringey that you can't seem to find anything else to invent, like theories of relativity maybe?

I mean I can do this ad museum... XD

zzzzzzz..... by Yuni

Actually, unlike yourself, I'm not a self-important and arrogant piece of dog shit, I didn't "compare" but merely drew an analogy.

Seriously, will the mentally-ill people ever stop talking to me about "ad nauseum", "fixation" and other academic words that they just learned yesterday from their own psychiatrists? :/
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Barn Fairy

So after helping around the military, Basil went to help around the farm.
Let's hope he won't put the farm on fire XD

Always nice to spend some time in the barn... milking cowboys, counting
sheep, sleeping in the hay, dreaming about Stardew Multiplayer... ;3

Military Fairy II by Yuni Military Fairy by Yuni

Basil 1 year later by Yuni

Mature Content

Peasants at Rest by Yuni

Hope you like! <3

The Drying Slav
They say you can only fold paper 7 times but does it count as +1 if you draw a contortionist first XD

I found this tiny pencil on paper from 3 years ago so I did a quick redraw :3

Thought this could be a younger Yasha, the unbreakable Soviet fooling around on the beach :7

Turn Loose the Swan! by Yuni Yasha Lebedev by Yuni The Lad and the Ladder by Yuni Dunce by Yuni Bending Back in the USSR by Yuni

Hope you like <3
Shamanic Chores
This tiny shaboy is gonna grow into a gorgeous shaman if he keeps at it XD

Body is a Temple - Chuya by Yuni Chuya's training by Yuni Chuya - Morning Yoga by Yuni Chuya by Yuni

Hope you like <3
Darkness falls on the walls of Mandrog as you enter
the city through its main gate.

Several beautiful street lamps, oh wait... no, they're
not street lamps, just girls flashing their boobs
brighter than any artificial lights!

No, wait, something else is flashing, apparently
they're... dudes? Errr...

"Confused, traveler?" You hear a man's... no,
woman's (or maybe an angel's) voice behind you.
"Welcome to the City of All-in-One," aer soprano-
like voice softly whispers...

"Feel free to tag along," ae murmured. "I'd like to
learn about your own homeland, too! I think we'll
enjoy some in-depth study of each other's
cultures," ae chuckled.

Hope you like <3
The Twin Win
This is a fanart I did for this adorable story written by Curious4ever.

David wakes up to a dream-like world where instead of shorts and
t-shirts most boys wear colorful full body unitards, and instead of
fancying things like soccer or baseball, the most popular physical
activity there is contortion. Boys simply adore contortion and
embrace it as the most ordinary practice to stay healthy and fit.

The story was illustrated by #BarryBlair, so I based these outfits on
his designs:

Barry Blair Bendy Boy 1 by Curious4ever Bendy Boy 2 by Barry Blair by Curious4ever

If you're curious to read the story, here are the direct links:

Double Trouble part 1Double Trouble
By Curious4ever
Part 1
My name is David Parker and up until recently my life had been just like any other average sixth grader. Nothing strange or unexpected ever happened to me but that all changed the day I found a most unusual medallion on my way to school.
I attend Deerfield Middle School with my friends Billy, Toby and Mark and since I only live about three blocks from there I can usually walk to school in less than five minutes. One Friday morning I was about a block away from school when I spotted a silver medallion lying on the sidewalk. Bending down to pick it up I noticed that it was very old. On one side it had the profile of a two faced person on it. I flipped it over and there was another double faced person on that side as well.
I tossed it into my pocket and forgot all about it until later that day when I went to visit my friend Billy at his house. We had made plans for me to stay over for the night and I couldn't wait to get there because he had a huge in
Double Trouble part 2Double Trouble
By Curious4ever
Part 2
We finally made it to the locker room and it was filled with a dozen or so boys wearing identical swimsuits. We came to a stop in front of a locker when I suddenly realized something.
“Hey we can’t go in the pool. We don’t have our swimsuits.”
Billy shook his head. “You know we don’t wear our own suits here. We wear the ones supplied by the school, just like everyone else does. Yours is in your locker.”
I opened up the locker and inside was a blue and yellow speedo hanging on a hook. It was identical to the one that the other boys in the room were wearing and was the same colors as my unitard.
I fumbled around for the unitard zipper until Billy stepped over and unzipped it for me. He was much more accustomed to wearing unitards than I was and he was already out of his and into his speedo before I was even undressed. He put his unitard in the locker and slammed the door shut.
“You’re such a slowp

Double Trouble 2 part 1Double Trouble 2
The Second Excursion
By Curious4ever
Part 1
Up until recently my life had been filled with bending, contortion and identical twins with psychic abilities. No, I'm not a circus performer; I'm just a normal eleven year old boy. Or at least this is what my life has turned into ever since the fateful day I encountered an ancient mystical medallion.
It was the beginning of another school day and I couldn't wait. Ever since I arrived on this world I've been an identical twin. My brother and I attend a contortion school where every boy is an identical twin and I've been enjoying every minute of it. I had never been a great student before when I had to spend hours every day learning math and spelling and history, but now all of my classes involved bending techniques, posture and balance and my favorite subject, synchronized contortion.
It had been over a month since I first arrived here and to everyone that knew me I had lived here all my life and I also felt the same way too.
and More!

Hope you like <3


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