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Double Trouble 5 part 2
Double Trouble 5
The Fifth Excursion
Part Two
By Curious4ever
Based on an illustration and suggestions by Yuni
I heard the curtain rise and the music got a lot louder. Lucien must have started his performance because I heard people applauding. I knew that I had to maintain this position for several minutes before it was my time to perform on stage. Time seemed to move very slowly as I waited for my cue.
Finally I heard my cue and I moved my limbs and the box popped open. Now that I was free of the box I started to unbend to the beat of the music. During rehearsals I just unbent like I normally do, but this time it was different. The music was a lot louder than it had been at Lucien's house and it was much more intense. As I listened to it my body began to move along to the rhythmic sounds. My movements were more fluidic than before as I gracefully moved around the stage.
While I wasn't doing the graceful spins and jumps that Lucien was doing I still managed to contort my body into seve
:iconcurious4ever:Curious4ever 1 6
Cave Elf with Spear - Sharp by RoninDude
Mature content
Cave Elf with Spear - Sharp :iconronindude:RoninDude 1,210 197
untitled by InstantIP untitled :iconinstantip:InstantIP 1,467 24
Double Trouble 5 part 1
Double Trouble 5
The Fifth Excursion
Part One
By Curious4ever
Based on an illustration and suggestions by Yuni
My name is David Parker and recently my life had become filled with ceramic statues, porcelain dolls and ornate table lamps. No, I'm not an elderly grandmother, I'm just an average eleven year old boy. Or at least this is what my life has turned into ever since the fateful day I discovered the Janus Talisman, a magical object that completely changed my life.
It has been almost a week since my brother and I had been transformed into a tiny porcelain statue and although we were back to our normal bodies, my life has still not gotten back to normal.
A fellow classmate of mine by the name of Lucien has recently announced to me that he considered us friends. The fact that he constantly teases and taunts me would be rough enough for some people but Lucien's mom is a sorceress and with her help he had me and my brother and two friends temporarily transformed into various animals that
:iconcurious4ever:Curious4ever 4 5
Kenna - Contortion-For-All Mascot by Aldric-Cheylan Kenna - Contortion-For-All Mascot :iconaldric-cheylan:Aldric-Cheylan 24 12 Your Sinful Muse by kazarinakristina Your Sinful Muse :iconkazarinakristina:kazarinakristina 4,979 203 Bendy school card by Yuni from Double Trouble 5 by Curious4ever Bendy school card by Yuni from Double Trouble 5 :iconcurious4ever:Curious4ever 14 6 Fun-tortion by Chugfun Fun-tortion :iconchugfun:Chugfun 12 2 Her Name is Ody by Filter-GX Her Name is Ody :iconfilter-gx:Filter-GX 25 3 Elven Prince by anndr Elven Prince :iconanndr:anndr 2,444 70 Nadja - In glass box by and3dev Nadja - In glass box :iconand3dev:and3dev 45 8 [SU] The Show : Pearl and Mystery Girl by Vixenkiba [SU] The Show : Pearl and Mystery Girl :iconvixenkiba:Vixenkiba 166 37 What Do You Think? by Filter-GX What Do You Think? :iconfilter-gx:Filter-GX 33 5 Mileena by GasaiV
Mature content
Mileena :icongasaiv:GasaiV 194 34
Akio's Cam Contortions by Sensuax
Mature content
Akio's Cam Contortions :iconsensuax:Sensuax 64 10
Angels On Point by Val-Mont Angels On Point :iconval-mont:Val-Mont 102 10


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Turn Loose the Swan!
Meanwhile in Russia, Yasha warms the hearts with
his newest utopian performance which combines the
beauty of man and swan.

"I think the human body is already a masterpiece in itself
and there's nothing to add to it," Yasha explains the record-
breaking minimalism of his latest outfit.

The performance starts with him wearing large fluffy wings
along with a beautiful fluffy coat symbolizing the swan,
however as the bending starts, all that is quickly lost in the
process, progressing toward the image of young man in
nothing but a tiny skin-toned thong that can barely be seen
from a few steps away.

"It's a shame that contortionists are supposed to cover their
bodies at all when the body is the main instrument of their
performance. It's like trying to play a violin without taking it
out of the case."

We have to agree with Yasha that the art of many sculptors
is appreciated in its nudity, while the art of contortionists
can rarely be enjoyed in its absolute purity where every
nuance of the body can be seen.

Well, the idea is still very utopian but the more we love
Yasha for his determination to give us the best of himself
and his talent. As we already know, Yasha himself is a huge
fan of art museums and a great admirer of classical nude

Thanks for watching and hope you enjoyed! :3
What else would you like us to report about?
Leave your suggestions and comments below!

Daily Bend Magazine - Now Online!
(N)ice Buns, Hun!
Complete immunity to cold lets the White Rabbit enjoy his outdoor contortion exercises at the very heart of winter!

Thanks for watching and hope you like! :3

Daily Bend Magazine - Now Online!
Welcome to Wonder-England!
Basil Hadley: "When I was a kid I enjoyed Alice in Wonderland, but never seen it coming to actually put myself in her shoes one day!"

Daily Bend Magazine presents Hoops of Tomorrow! The prettiest femboys in sports from all over the world! Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the bendiest of them all? Today with us we have Basil Hadley from England!

All his childhood Basil was a very innocent boy, fond of nice books and plushie toys, and looking up to his older brother Rayn who was a circus contortionist. Basil always had his hair very long just like his brother's, and whenever his brother would come back home after work and wanted to relax and play videogames, Basil would bug him to stretch him a little too.

"In the end, he gave up and agreed to train me more seriously. He asked what I wanted to do the most and I said it's to fold completely in half backwards because it looked like the most fantastic thing to me! He just said okay and showed me all the proper exercises to do when he's not at home. I had a lot of disbelief in my abilities at first but in just a few weeks I was already laying around in a decent backbend while playing video games with him!"

Since then Basil would spend a great deal of time during the day with his back bent or completely folded up. Everything turned into contortion training for him: doing homework, watching cartoons, reading books, until his back itself could fold like a book! Even his big brother grew jealous of such a tight fold that young brother was sporting, so he ended up convincing Basil to also join the circus.

"Well, I didn't run with the circus for too long. On my 18th birthday friends took me to a nightclub for party and bloody hell, I was almost blinded by the beauty of the dancers. I mean now nightclubs are the main part of my world but back then the place was a complete revelation! I immediately had to quit the circus and ran off to that nightclub instead!"

Basil's flexibility immediately won him a place in the spotlight, and though he was a weak pole dancer and only relied on the pole for support, still everyone's eyes were glued to his bendy body and his lovely booty.

When Basil learned about the "Hoops Of Tomorrow" from his favorite Daily Bend magazine, he was already a pro stripper and wasn't at all shy to dance in nothing but high heels, but becoming a H.O.T. gymnast required a certain dress code...

"It didn't take me long to figure it out! Alice in Wonderland has always been my role model, so my hair and body were ready and it was all the work of the tailor now to come up with the leotard design, but I think she did a perfect job, I feel like jumping into the land of shrooms and magic potions now!"

Dat ass though! We can only hope it will still fit through the rabbit hole...

Thanks for watching and hope you enjoyed! :3
What else would you like us to report about?
Leave your suggestions and comments below!

Daily Bend Magazine - Now Online!
Thanks to everyone who suggested what to improve in ^^

I finished the new version which now represents the Daily Bend Magazine, until now I only had covers of that magazine, but now everybody who wanted to read it can now read it XD By the way, if you have any more ideas how to make it look even more like a real mag, please let me know!! :3

The new site includes all the features that you previously suggested - pagination, tags, the search bar and by popular demand a separate page for Female Art :3 (Sorry no public chats at this time though...)
Hi everyone!! Hope you had or still having nice holidays ^^
I'm working on a new version of so I was wondering if you could help me with ideas?
Just tell me what you think would be nice and I'll try to do it in the new version! :3
Do the Starfish!
This sacred technique directly from Patrick Star's ancestors will help to pull yourself together and more!

Patrick: Today, SpongeBob, I'm gonna teach you how to do the Starfish. This sacred technique that I learned from my ancestors is useful whenever you feel out of shape mentally or physically. Now, watch close and repeat. First, spread your legs, get stable and reconnect with the earth, then spread your arms so wide as if you were to embrace the whole world. Breathe slowly with your stomach and arch backwards until you get a series of nice cracks along your spine...

SpongeBob: Patrick, this is weird, I'm trying as much as I can but still no cracks to be heard...

Patrick: You sure you bend far enough... oh, nevermind.

Not called Sponge for nothing XD

Thanks for watching and hope you enjoy! :3



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