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Birthsuit Contest WIP

A little beauty pageant from all over Yunia! :3

One's birthsuit is more important and valuable, it's one suit
that can't be replaced and is exceptionally hard to fix, it takes
years of daily effort to refine it, not just something a tailor can
make in a week.

In Yunia birthsuits have the highest status, worn with pride!
And now we can take a look at some finest samples XD

Dariush Lovehorn by Yuni

Mature Content

Suck My Ribcage by Yuni

Mature Content

Pillow by Yuni
Cities of Yunia by Yuni

Something epic I started recently... hope you like it so far! XD

Got this mysterious note today... O.o

Untitled-1 by Yuni

What? Who's proud of me? Could this be because my gallery reached 20000 watchers, because I have no idea what else I might have done to deserve this o.o

It always really surprised me how many people watch me, considering the kind of stuff I draw, but that's the cool thing to know how many people are into the same stuff as me... or at least like to see something different in art ;P
Young Geralt
"Look, Vesemir, that Bloedzuiger mutagen is incredible! I'm so flexible now!"
"You're not in a circus, Geralt. Get back to practice!"
"But can I stretch some more after practice? It's really fun!"

* * *

"Vesemir, I saw Geralt today..."
"Enjoyed the free circus?"
"That's... beyond the point. The point is, why waste precious ingredients
on something so useless?"
"Why not? Are you jealous, Lambi?"
"Let's say... I could probably find a better use for it than running around
Kaer Morhen half naked, screaming 'Guys check out what else I can do!!'"
"Haha, like what?"
"Like... falling off a cliff and magically not breaking my back?"
"Ouch, why fall off a cliff in the first place? Are you stupid?"
"I wouldn't. And I'm not. That was just an example."
"Come on, you just want to challenge Geralt to a bend off."
"And what if I do, Vesemir? You still got the potion left?"
"Seems we're going to have a spectacular evening..."

* * *

"That sure was a lifetime ago," Geralt muttered to himself, looking at all
the planks and stones of Kaer Morhen that were once so fun to climb
and balance upon while pulling some of the most incredible acrobatic
postures. "Wonder if I still got the backbone for something like that..."

"Don't push your luck with your back," his old teacher Vesemir patted
the witcher on the shoulder. "Wouldn't try it on one of these rotten
planks if I were you. Bruises from clumsy falls never look as cool as
scars obtained in battles."

The Witcher :3 Wild Hunt © CD Projekt RED

Hope you like :3
Shiny Polish
Today on Daily Bend we interview Polish contortionist Andrzej Kowalczyk
who once again surprised us with his new selfie. According to Andrzej,
the selfie was taken during a photo session for a fashion agency, when
he was looking for a toilet and suddenly found his own last year's
poster in the corridor.

In this interview Andrzej talks about his life as well as his part in the
forthcoming worldwide male rhythmic gymnastics tournament

1. Though you represent Poland in the tournament, we know that you
only lived there for the first 7 years of your life, most of them in an
orphanage... Were you already known as a flexible child around the
orphanage or did the interest first appear after you moved in with the
new family?

I always had some natural talent, especially in my hips, but I only made
it a large part of my life when I moved. I could always do things like
splits and knots, but it was more of “realizing” my talent when I moved
to Austria. When people think of orphanages they often think of these
rundown and miserable places, but it wasn’t so bad. I remember cats
in particular, lots of cats. You could say that before Fiona, these cats
were my first teachers, and I recommend everyone get one because
they can teach you all sorts of ways to squeeze into tiny spaces and
stretch your legs. I want to get a cat soon again, maybe do a little
team act. It’ll be fun!

2. At the age of 7 you were adopted by the contortionist Fiona Dietrich
who came all the way from Austria just for you, and you lived in Austria
since. In these 11 years under her care you've become one of the most
flexible people of all time, but one can't help but wonder if Fiona only
adopted you to pass the torch, so to speak. After all these years, do
you still feel a bit like an orphan?

Even if she did adopt me to train me as a contortionist, my adoptive
mother has opened the doors to an amazing life for me. At this point I
do not think it matters. I still consider myself Polish and Andrzej
“Kowalczyk” not “Dietrich” but I have had all the love and affection
I could ever need, both myself and Natalya. In any other situations I
think I would feel like an orphan or spare child, but I don’t see how
I can given all the time and attention Fiona has put into me.

3. Looking at your many pictures, you almost seem obliged to
incorporate stretching into anything you do, studying in a pretzel,
playing video games in a cheststand, taking a bath in an oversplit,
sleeping in a triplefold. Are you ever allowed to unfold?

Sure! I can, but why would I when its so fun! I think it started as
excercise, Natalya always could eat or read books while twisting
herself up, so I tried to do the same thing, and I caught up to her in
frontbending, but we both realized how fun it is to take a “flexible
approach to life.” The only times I cannot unfold is training in the
classic sense, on the mat, in the gym, etcetera, but otherwise I do it
because I LOVE it.

4. People at your school seem to adore you greatly, moreover you
don't seem to be the only talent in your class, a few other boys and
girls are acrobats and gymnasts, and you do some amazing shows
together every Christmas. Were you the one who ignited their interest
or was it a lucky coincidence to have other physically fit kids in your

I would like to think we all inspire each other a little bit, and if I inspire
many people to get stretching in my class, why shouldn't I do it by
winning Hoops of Tomorrow? Maybe that way I can ignite interest with
the whole world. The lucky coincidence, I think is that there are people
who see something and don’t just go “how nice!” but that there are
people who look at me and say “I want to do that!” That to me is the
fortunate part.

5. Your first opponent is Russia's Yasha Lebedev, the "swan boy". Since
you'll be wearing a cat costume for the show, do you feel like the
judges pulled a joke putting your cat against the Russian bird? How do
you feel about Yasha, are you going to show him your sharpest teeth
and claws?

Hey, I think its fun! It’s like doing contortion every day, if I can’t have
fun doing something what’s the point? Same for the judges, if they’re
pushing numbers all day, why should they do the job? And if it's by
doing my hardest, then yes I will, but I never want to make any of my
fellow athletes uncomfortable, *he jokes* even if they come from

6. If Yasha loses, he will have to become part of your personal show
which you've entitled "My Black Kitten", so you'll be able to use him
however you want. If the kitten is you, will Yasha play a mother cat who
teaches her baby how to bend around in life?

*He nods* I know some of the other competitors are planning mischief
and prank acts, and that’s fun and all, but I want myself and Yasha to
get along, despite what our respective homelands think of each other.
When I win, I want to win graciously and not humiliate him, so I think
giving him a role like a fellow cat, even a female one is a good idea. He
is a skilled performer and it would be a waste to make him like
“veterinarian” or something.

7. It seems Yasha plans to orchestrate his own version of "The Swan
Lake" in case you lose to him. He sent us a brief summary if you don't
mind to hear it... "A disillusioned wizard turns a beautiful youth into a
white swan who can never leave the lake in front of the wizard's hut.
A young hunter then goes through the forest and falls in love with the
swan's true form but after many tries he fails to help dispelling the
enchantment. In the end he chooses to submit to the wizard and get
turned into a black swan himself, so that the two swans can bend
together forever..." So how does this sound to you, would you rather
be the wizard or the hunter, or maybe the wizard's black cat or

The hunter seems like a nice idea. Maybe after the competition is done,
we can try this routine, but since I won’t lose it does not seem like we’ll
see it this time. *He winks*

  Andrzej's Exclusive by Yuni

Hope you like! :3

Thanks to my good friend Filter-GX for coming up with Andrzej's


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Jrydland Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2018
I find your work so interesting because it's unusual, extremely artistic, but at the same time I dont like it at all. But I appreciate that you make what you want and we should embrace that, thank you. You're an incredibly good artist regardless 👍
Yuni Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Likewise, thanks for your time writing the most backhanded compliment I've ever heard, even if I don't like it at all ;P
Jrydland Featured By Owner 2 days ago
I hope you didn't get offended. You truly have an extrordinary gift to draw body-shapes in the most difficult ways I have ever seen, though the shapes mean nothing to me, I guess it is a fetish? But I admire people with 'different' fetishes/likes and that are open about it, we should not hide who we are so again thank you, I think you're brave!
Yuni Featured By Owner 4 hours ago
Thanks and please ignore that I said "the most backhanded compliment" above, this second one excels in basically every aspect :D Of course I'm not offended, you're just going around the site telling people that their works mean nothing to you, why should anybody get offended?
ajayaa Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2018
Any new of Erika Ribbons ?
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