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First of all, I think Contortionism is a remarkable art form and deserves being studied like any other art form. But has it always been as extreme as the examples we can find today on the Internet?

Here I tried to answer the question "How far people could bend backwards throughout the mankind's history?"

I chose backbends for the simple reason that frontbends and splits seem to be even more obscure, I literally couldn't find a single depiction of splits or frontbends in the ancient art anywhere... It almost seems like people learned how to sit in the split only after photography was invented XD

Anyway, I tried to use the most flexible examples I could find for each time period, but of course many achievements in the world have never been documented, so...

History of Contortion by Yuni

I made a new personal website, so if DA ever decides they had had enough of me, you know where to find me! :3

The address is pretty much this - - so it's easy to remember, surprisingly 4-letter domain names are still a thing in 2016.

I tried to make it modern-looking and mobile-friendly just for fun.

There's also a Yunia map section but it's the future it should work like Google maps :/

Also I've only posted 5% of the art so far but I'm working on that XD

Illan starts dancing around 2:00 ^^

And another fave~


Finally a high quality video of my favorite contortionist ^^

Alternative link :facebook:…
If you've been wondering why I'm such a big fan of Alexey, this video simply speaks for itself ^^