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Asmodeus 2004 vs 2016

A re­draw of the 2004 pic­ture of Asmodeus (classical cock
rooster demon)
. Not much was changed, just ad­just­ed the
cock­ring place­ment a bit ^^
Liquid Nitrogen

"One thing I'll say for him - this Liquid is cool!!!"

Indeed. Liquid Nitrogen, often labelled as LIN, is a boiling
cool liquid! Yes, it's boiling AND it has an extremely low
temperature at the same time, so look and don't touch,
or else it will burn you with its coolness!

While us average normal people almost never use LIN in
our everyday lives, it sure has a long list of specific uses in
the industry, so I guess scientists and technicians are far
more familiar with this beautiful substance...

In everyday life sometimes LIN is used to create charming
smoke effects, sometimes people go as far as using it to
make ultra-smooth ice cream or add some visual effects to
their cocktail, but... I think that's about it.

Either way, hope you enjoy Miss Liquid Nitrogen, amazing
plasticity straight from a storage tank! Or maybe Mister, a
cutie nevertheless XD

This is a gift to dear friend :iconanonymous--friend: based on his sketch:

Probation - an (old) skecth by Anonymous--Friend

Theme and com­po­si­tion be­longs to A.F. ©
The House of the Broken Hope…

There is a house in New Or­leans
They call the Bro­ken Hope
And it's been the ru­in of many a poor girl
Who were hung there on the rope...

Mrs. LaLau­rie was a sur­geon
She sewed to­geth­er limbs
But not in the or­der you'd ex­pect them to be
Down in New Or­leans

She'd hire a young maid to work there
And she would pay her pret­ty well
But one day she'd lock her up in the at­tic
And what hap­pened there I can't tell...

Oh moth­er tell your daugh­ters
Not to work where I have worked
Spent my youth be­ing twist­ed and man­gled
In the house of Bro­ken Hope

Well, I got my feet on the plat­form
My hands chained up to the hook
She twist­ed my body a lit­tle bit every day
In six months this is how it looked

The oth­er girl, she looked like a crab
Her hands were sewed to her chest
The third lived her whole days in dark­ness
Locked up in a small­est of chests

The fourth's in­testines were pulled out
And knot­ted around her waist
The fifth had her arms am­pu­tat­ed
And her oth­er parts mis­placed

There was a new girl in the kitchen
She fig­ured what hap­pened be­fore
When the mis­tress called her to the at­tic
She dropped a burn­ing coal on the floor

The fire in the man­sion at­tract­ed the sher­iff
And the hor­rors were brought in­to light
Sev­en girls were found, stretched and bound
All of them were still alive

There is a house in New Or­leans
They call the Bro­ken Hope
And it's been the ru­in of many a poor girl
Who were hung there on the rope...
Erika's Initiation

"Hel­lo and please do un­dress. What is your name?"


"Well, you have a very nice body and a very cute face, Eri­ka.
That is most per­fect. I as­sume you've been told the rules of
our guild?"

"Yep. Walk around al­most naked, se­duce peo­ple, con­vert
their lust in­to mag­i­cal en­er­gy, use the mag­i­cal en­er­gy for
var­i­ous things like fly­ing and umm... Dariush 
didn't tell me
what else yet..."

"Many things. So what is the most se­duc­tive thing you
can do?"

"And then I showed him some of my con­tor­tions and he
was like, oh my gods, wel­come to the guild!! You're, like,
the best mem­ber we've ever had in years! Do we even
need mag­ic any­more when we have you!!"

Mary gig­gled, as al­ways for­get­ting not to drink fresh juice
and lis­ten to Eri­ka's dream sto­ries at the same tme.

"So that Arch­mage of theirs looked al­most like he was
go­ing to rape me on the spot, but in­stead he pat me on
the shoul­der and gave me some an­cient-look­ing scroll
that had the big word 'Passed' on it."

"Most ridicu­lous," Mary laughed. "What kind of con­tor­tions
did you do there? Some­thing im­pos­si­ble like back­bend­ing
three times around your­self?"

"Oh no, not this time! Those were per­fect­ly doable! Here,
lemme spice up your sal­ad a lit­tle," Eri­ka pulled off her
on­ly sleeve­less plaid shirt that wasn't even but­toned to
be­gin with. Her morn­ing dress was as usu­al pure­ly
dec­o­ra­tive. "Mmm, too bad my boobs are not as huge as
they usu­al­ly are in my dreams and my skin isn't at all
oiled up, but oh well... turn on your imag­i­na­tion, I guess!"

She took a pile of fash­ion mags off a styl­ish round ta­ble
and threw them on the arm­chair near­by, then dragged
the ta­ble to the very mid­dle of the room...


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m0RV Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Do you do commission work?
Thgilsorahpma Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2017
Here's a photograph by iraisavampire that I thought you might find interesting/inspiring:…

I love your work!
jerife Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2017  Student Digital Artist
I've spent the last couple of hours reading and gazing at your work in

Bravo! You are an Artist!
Loved your characters, Martin, Erika, Brian and Mary. Your writing is touching as well as your paint art.
Specially loved the Orient Express image and story, wow, and I'm eager to follow that magic carpet ride through the alchemist caves into Bedouinia.

Thanks for making and sharing
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