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Not taking commissions at the moment!

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Really trying hold up and be positive but feeling like I'm slowly losing it... just so painful to see my every new work getting ignored more than the previous, so that's what I'm gonna rant about.

It's been weeks already I'm silently watching the situation, slapping my hands not to type anything about it because who knows it might change to the better! But feeling kinda even more foolish afterwards when it only changes to the worse...

Because damn it, I really hate to see this account dying, specially when I don't understand what I'm doing wrong as the artist. I'm still trying to do my best, keep the quality up and make it as interesting as I can... Almost feels as if the poor account got a flu of sorts, because I really don't know what else could be wrong.

Thought maybe people just left DA in general but I keep opening other artists' galleries and seeing the huge amount of support they're receiving. I really don't mind other artists getting lotsa comments, though. But it just proves that I'm not alone on this site, it's DeviantArt after all, lol! There are millions of people here.

Well, I always liked the entertaining factor about my art, that I can please people with some unusual beauties or actions, but lately I'm feeling kinda awkward about showing my work, after each time I post something I almost feel like adding "I'm sorry I bothered you."

I'm still trying to keep doing my best but I feel almost as if every single update that I do, absolutely no matter what I draw, only bothers you guys. I feel like my eye is an art sore... or something like that.

I dunno, maybe what I draw is really not as complex or good as I think, so maybe it just gets what it deserves for being super mediocre by today's standards or whatever.

Well, it's still fun to draw even without anybody commenting and it's still fun to write stories even if nobody reads them...

Well, end of rant here. I just thought I'd let you guys know how I feel about this, is all ^^ Dunno if this little letter will make things worse or better, we'll see!
Nighttime Birds by yuni
Nighttime Birds
                   "Why create a work of art...
                       when dreaming about it is so much sweeter?"

                                       Pier Paolo Pasolini ("Il Decameron")

I must thank Comoedus for noticing something in one of my
works that I haven't seen myself, that the background in that
work looked as if the character was detached from reality. My
real reason was that I wanted to do something artistic or
abstract with the background instead of getting out of my skin
to draw a realistic one, neither did I want a flat one so I did
something abstract, but it wasn't just an artistic design around
the character but was an actual surrounding that looked kinda
like another dimension of sorts.

So when I realized what I actually did there, a whole new
world suddenly opened in front of me. Instead of torturing
myself to draw realistic backgrounds, I could actually put my
characters inside their own dreams or altered states! Not only
it fits contortion and other strange things I like to draw, but it
means I'm free to do practically anything at all. Such a whole
new playground!

I wanted to celebrate it with another illustration I just finished,
which made no sense to me at the time of drawing but now it
just makes perfect sense. It actually surprises me so much that
being a big fan of Castaneda I never thought about drawing
characters dreaming or dwelling in altered states of mind, until
I saw Comoedus' comment!

So I'm really super happy with this. Dream-worlds are just the
best, and even more so for contortion and just about everything
else I love to draw. The only open question for me is what to do
with stories for such pictures, since it's meant to be a dream or
an altered state of mind, how exactly to write a story about it?
Hmm. But I guess I'll figure it out eventually. Maybe stories also
could be a bit insane or something, that'd be interesting.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this new work! I'll go right back to
dreaming XD


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Ledzo Featured By Owner 3 hours ago
I thought you might get a kick out of this!…
Khasdannyanlord Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student General Artist
such a honour really thank you so much! thanks for the fave!
yuni Featured By Owner 15 hours ago
I can't get enough of how beautiful that artwork is, so it's really my pleasure, thank you for sharing it! :heart:
Khasdannyanlord Featured By Owner 4 hours ago  Student General Artist
i can say the same from the yours
your work is so inspirational
im making some commisions for some people here on deviant if you like some of my characters or wanna some special or diferent please let me know ill glad draw something for you!
Britt601 Featured By Owner 2 days ago
I don't think I've mentioned this, but have you ever thought about doing art of the character Voldo from the 'Soul Calibur" game series? He's wickedly flexible and with your style you could give that character some serious light. :D

That's not a request or anything, I just think with your style of art it would make that character even more phenomenal than he already is. Just a little thought of mine's.

Just in case you want to look.
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