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" The devil is the original rebel. And what he said to Adam and Eve is the beginning of a true religion, not what God said - that is the beginning of suicide, not religion.
In the East the serpent is worshiped as the wisest animal in the world; and I think that is far better.
If the serpent really did this then he is certainly the wisest animal in the world. He saved man from eternal slavery, ignorance, stupidity. " - Osho

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biney-bottlesworth Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2014
random, but this person may interest you
yuni Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2014
Oh Roman emperors are such a bloody good topic because they're so good at collecting all kinds of super exotic things. I still remember the movie 'Caligula' (Malcolm McDowell) which was packed with oddities, but I'm sure Nero was just as mad. I'm pretty sure they would be the best at collecting boys with all kinds of odd abilities and looks... Sorry, that has nothing to do with Sporus but it just made me think of it XD
biney-bottlesworth Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2014
Yes man. I don't know much about Caligula, apart from what's said on I Claudius, but I practically worship Nero. He was obsessed with beauty and art, in the form of people and objects, so I reckon you're right about the collecting thing. I think Sporus was sort of like a piece of art to Nero, like recreating a memory. To me, Sporus is the most beautiful thing ever <3
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vidkid19962 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have to say you're art is really unique I really like the style and the stories to go along with all the pieces ^^
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