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Magdalene by yuni
Erika recently took the main role in the controversial
music video for the song "Magdalene" by the band
Impure Temptation, which tells a story of a beautiful
hooker named Mary who seduces her clientele with
her stunning flexibility skills, until her brothel is
visited by a famous prophet who is often seen
changing people's lives at the local marketplace.

Mary is a bit thrilled to see this local celebrity enter
the brothel's hall right in the middle of her doing one
of her best and most flexible moves.

Suddenly the lyrical acoustic intro accompanying her
limber dance is broken by a deep and powerful death
metal grunt coming from the prophet: "Arise from thy
sinful deformation / And follow my lead to salvation!"
Boneless 2 Poster by yuni
Boneless 2 Poster

    Welcome to Boneless2, a full scale zombie apocalypse where the disfigured walking deads crave for nothing else but to gnaw on your spine and rip out a couple of vertebras to turn you into one of thems! Spiiiinez! Spiiiiiineeeez!!

    The movie is not a sequel to the first part and is being filmed in Japan by the popular Japanese horror movie director Yudai Fukuyo ("Jesus no Shito", "Lucifer Valentine's Day") and does not involve any real contortionist actors, instead modern special effects are used to produce the most sadistic contortions of the human body.

    The film is not recommended for contortion fans.

First Kiss by yuni
First Kiss

    The contaminated Earth is left hundreds of years ago, far behind, but the human civilization continues in deep space. They live, love, explore, research, cultivate gardens inside their space stations, give birth to new children, and of course they create art and entertain each other far more than they did back on their home planet.

    Although the numbers were cut from billions down to mere thousands, those thousands have truly rediscovered what it means to be a human being. All alone in deep space, inside their tiny space stations they have finally found the deeper meaning of a human life.



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outoutoutofuh Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2015  New member
. Forgot the dot of the last sentence .😳 I have commented four times in a row . What has happened to me. But hey your art makes me like this😛. Always looking back to feel that which I feel when I look at your art🌇🌆. Always loving and expecting your answer.
outoutoutofuh Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2015  New member
Helloooooo it is the persistente stalker (please don'y take that seriously I guess I am a little creepish but is not like I am gonna hunt you (though that scenario is rather enticing) ) Well I was gonna ask just what materials you use for your art and references . And still admiring your artwork
outoutoutofuh Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2015  New member
I am commenting again. I will keep on for I am obsessed with your artwork on a deeper meaning scale. And it makes me inquire who you are as a person and artist . I hope you may answer to my comments for I admire you greatly. Your creations are beautiful yet grief me with a nostalgia. It makes me wonder if the "me" in the past were to see this " What would have happened ".It causes me a bit of ache yet strikes a fire inside me for a bit of rivalrie. I will create things worthy of the feelings and emotions you gave me. You now have a devoted (obsesionada obsessed ) follower and self - claimed rival . I truly love your work.
outoutoutofuh Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2015  New member
This is the first I have commented on DA (recent member) and Wow! I am absolutely transfixed by your art it is beautiful (absolutely bad for me once I love someone it is hard to get out ☺️) and lovely and and AND I feel like I need a dictionary to keep on gushing the compliments you deserve ,my dear, you are absolutely wonderful for it takes more than just talent to get me enamorada . Oh! I am in tears now............😞😞😣😣😔😔😌😌😳😳😳😳😳😳😳
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